Book Review: The Girls by Lisa Jewell


I saw an advert for this book in York train station last week. As usual I immediately searched on Amazon, checked I had enough pennies in my forlorn, lonely current account and pressed the Buy It Now button. Settling down last night with a cuppa and my weekend reading sorted I began to read about the residents of a seemingly perfect London square with a large communal garden.

I live next door to someone who doesn’t speak much English and another neighbour who doesn’t speak, hating my other half for chopping down her excessive greenery which blocks what little sun we get and is the reason we own three sets of hedge trimmers. When I started reading this book it seemed like urban paradise, balmy nights spent drinking wine with neighbours, children running free, safely away from roads and strangers.

In the first few pages we get to know Pip who has recently moved to the square with her elder sister Grace and their fragile mother Clare. Writing letters to her father who has paranoid schizophrenia and is currently in an institution, recovering from a dramatic breakdown.

The book develops a dark tone as we get to know the other residents and their offspring each with their own secrets and troubled pasts. When tragedy strikes, suddenly this community doesn’t seem so perfect after all. Lisa delves deeply into the troubled minds of teenagers and the complicated relationships of their parents. Can anyone really be trusted?

I couldn’t put this book down its the proverbial page turner keeping you guessing until the end. Lisa Jewell is on top from with this story and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I will be once again raiding my bank account after finishing this post to purchase the rest of her books….

The Girls by Lisa Jewell available now!


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