Diary of an Aspiring Author



I would love to say that I get up in a morning and sit at my desk writing for eight hours, producing work to rival Stephen King or Steinbeck unfortunately that isn’t the case.


7.10am – I am awakened as usual by Floyd the younger of my two boxer dogs barking in the kitchen I spend five more minutes under the duvet debating how to kill him before dragging myself out of bed.


7.25- There’s a hole in my wellies, my feet are frozen and wet as I gamely trudge through the mud throwing sticks for “Floyd the demented” while trying to stop Roxy the slightly less demented, giving herself a full body, mud treatment. I am full of optimism as I return home, it’s early and it should be a productive day!


8.25- Two cups of coffee, a slice of toast and Marmite later I’m ready to begin. I eagerly crank up the laptop. I’ll just check Facebook, my emails and add a few followers on Twitter. Ooh, I didn’t realise one of my favourite authors has released a new book. I’ll download it check out the first chapter, then I’ll be ready to start.


10.00- Enough! I must get on I have characters to create,  words to write. A masterpiece doesn’t just appear it needs nurturing TLC and more importantly actual sentences. I’ll just check on Ebay to see if I can find some new curtains.


10.30- Is that the time! I really need a coffee. New curtains purchased along with two new cushions, a bedspread, and an antique lamp,  I watch Roxy take care of a serious itch coming to the conclusion; Dogs have no dignity.


11.00- I get an email regarding the day job so spend the next hour composing a sales email to promote Isochronic tone and before you ask no I don’t know what it is! What is that smell? Must be time to take the dogs out again.


12.30- Return home soaking wet after retrieving Floyd from the River Tyne. Jump in a shower and make a Quesadilla for lunch (Jamie Oliver eat your heart out). Discuss the latest episode of The Walking Dead with some friends online and realise I’m two episodes behind which must be remedied immediately.


3.00- My sexual inspiration is working overtime after watching Norman Reedus for 90 minutes so settle down to write Chapter 5 and surprisingly get quite a lot done. Result!


6.00- Download some complicated art software for work on my book cover, get distracted by pretty colours until the phone rings. My best friend telling me how productive her day has been Grrr!!!


7.00- Where has the day gone? I need to make dinner and venture out with Dumb and Dumber again and I have that book to read that I downloaded earlier. “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”
Stephen King


10.00- Time for a well-deserved glass of wine. If my days carry on like this, I might have my book finished before I’m sixty. I re-read what I wrote earlier deleting three-quarters of it, actually, what’s left is quite good. I might, just make it as a writer after all? Promise to myself; 10 more pages before I go to sleep.


11.30- Floyd is snoring like an asthmatic elephant so after checking my emails then saying goodnight to my tweeps. I decide to pack up and go to bed. I need to be up early tomorrow I have another very busy day!


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