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I was reading a book earlier this year called The Teashop on the corner by Milly Johnson. It was an excellent read full of interesting characters, beautifully written and would highly recommend it, however, I was also fascinated by the literary gifts sold in said Teashop. I mean after all, who wouldn’t want a Wuthering Heights scarf, a Jane Eyre Mug or a Charles Dickens Handbag.

It was my best friend’s birthday shortly after reading the book, so I began my search online to see if any similar items were available. Partly, because along with my love of all things bookish I have shopaholic tendencies. I was delighted to find lots of unique items from Wind in the Willows skirts and  Harry Potter coaster to Shakespeare Kindle Covers and Lord Byron Necklaces it seems the literary influence is everywhere. After purchasing a beautiful Pride and Prejudice scarf for myself, To Kill a Mocking Bird one for my author friend along with some Pink Floyd album cover coasters. I was perusing the recycled book handbags trying to decide which to add to my Christmas/ Birthday/Book Publication gift list when I had a thought- which of my favourite books would I choose to make into a handbag.

It doesn’t always transpire that the greatest books have the nicest covers and vice versa. Not a lover of Austen (Sorry!)  her works do make stylish fashionable gifts of that there is no doubt. The covers of Dracula and Wind in the willows are also very popular it seems. Here are my top five favourite book covers of books I’ve loved, that I think, do or would make great bags

  1. Black Beauty- Anna Sewell

Sticking with the classic theme the cover of this book screams style, along with being one of my favourite books of all time. It would probably need to be the 1st edition cover though, not the 1970’s versions. The oxford university press one designed by Chris Brown could also make a good alternative

  1. Gone with the Wind-Margaret Mitchell

Now here is a book where almost any of the many cover versions could be used. Mitchells epic deep south saga is synonymous with elegance, style and could be used to make numerous fashion accessories, not just handbags. The book also contains two of my favourite quotes “Fiddle De De” and “After All, Tomorrow is another day

  1. La Belle et La Bete-Madame de Villeneuve

There are thousands of products available for this book in its better known Disney Franchise of Beauty and The Beast.  Few of us realise however the original story was penned back in 1740. Perfect for a vintage piece and after all, what is sophisticated  than the French language?

  1. A Tree grows in Brooklyn-Betty Smith

We all have our favourite “coming of age” Classic and there are products featuring “Catcher in The Rye” or “Little Women” but this is my personal favourite. When I was a teen I could identify with the character of Francie Nolan growing up in poverty her imagination and love of reading her only escape. The minimalistic style of the early covers would make an excellent handbag.

  1. The Vampire Chronicles-Anne Rice

This has to be included, I love anything and I mean anything to do with Vampires. I even used to have a cat called Le Stat This bag actually exists and is the one that actually made it onto my gift list, everything about it is perfect the colour, elegance and simplicity as well as being one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read.


There are a few that just missed the list, all brilliant books and lovely covers too


The Secret Garden- Frances Hodgson Burnett

White Fang-Jack London (Although I prefer Call of the Wild, this has a better cover)

Watership Down-Richard Adams

The Colour Purple-Alice Walker (Who doesn’t need a purple handbag!)

Lord of the Rings-J R R Tolkien

The Great Gatsby-F Scott Fitzgerald

Charlotte’s Web-E B White


What would be your favourite book as a scarf, handbag, cushion etc? Let me know in the comments below


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