Celebrating my love of Gin


I consider myself a bit of a Gin connoisseur and am a regular visitor to Dacantus in Newcastle upon Tyne, where not only are there 100s of different Gins, but you also get a delicious tapas served with each one you order. No other spirit has the distinct flavour that Gin has, My perfect moment in time, would entail sitting on a tropical beach, a good book and a refreshing G & T by my side. I am writing the sequel to Flip-Flops at the moment and as with the first book Abby invents strange and wonderful concoctions. This time, though, she develops some rather tasty Gin cocktails (obviously I will need to test them all!)

If any of you have any Gin Cocktail recipes you would like to feature in the upcoming sequel High-Heels, Hope and Haciendas please comment below. If I use any you will receive a mention and a free copy of the book when it is released later this year.


One thought on “Celebrating my love of Gin

  1. I’m not so fond of gin (or spirit) I prefer Newcastle Brown Ale! But I do like tapas. Might visit one day, though not sure Gin and Brown go together! :-).

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