It’s Been a While

I could say I haven’t had the time to blog recently and in part that would be true. The day job, doggie incidents and my partner’s incessant requests for help with his landscaping project in the back garden have kept me occupied. However, I have also been working on the sequel to my first novel Flip Flops, Fiestas and Flamenco  which is now 2670 in the bestselling Kindle humour book list and has received all of 4 5* reviews on Amazon. Check out this excerpt from the follow-up- High Heels, Hope and Haciendas and let me know what you think!

Lou was furious her sapphire blue eyes flashing as she turned on Abby her voice trembling with barely contained rage.

“You better have a bloody good explanation, Abby Sinclair. What the fuck is that lunatic bird doing on the driveway”

Abby chewed on her lip

“Sorry I should have warned you it kinda slipped my mind what with….” she indicated Paisley who for once, cottoning on there might be a row, had made a hasty exit to the Ladies

“look at the state of me I thought it was going to kill me”

“Oh she’s not that bad once you get used to her” Abby paused at the look on Lou’s face which indicated there was no way anytime soon she was getting used to Loco Lucy

“Look there was an attempted break-in while you were gone and Sylvia had rescued some animals from a nearby farm. The owner had died and….Geese are supposed to be great guards you know ”

Lou held up her hands

“Apparently so, Abby please tell me we haven’t got a farmyard full at home”

Lou knowing Abby was invariably soft-hearted when it came to their friend Sylvia’s rescue animals was expecting to find out they had a herd of cows, some sheep and god forbid more donkeys. Their current equine was a master of escape and had caused chaos on multiple occasions that summer.

Abby definitely had that shifty look she thought as she sat down taking a sip of her friend’s abandoned drink

“God, all I wanted was a bath and a nap. Three days I’ve had…” she pointed to the toilet door which Paisley had entered before glaring at Abby

“All I wanted was some bloody peace!”

Abby had the grace to look guilty, wincing as she imagined three days stuck in a car with her son’s unique and unexpectedly pregnant girlfriend.


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